April 21, 2009

my official name  is   ” Mehul Hirapara”  ,  and shortlisted through selection process




“  Piece of Art is dedicated to the peace
keepers and peace achievers around the world, and those who had the courage to place themselves on the line for the betterment of humanity  ”


I am showing my 30 days of research and work for Indian rupee symbol here, this symbol looks simple but  i did lots of research and brain stormed for more than 200 symbols and finally i come to this decision. hope u feel free to comment and criticise this

  • I apprecite if u vote for  and write ur comments  and  criticise it

Big size symbol

symbol big

different sizes




More reasons

more reasons
more reasons



1) The above images (including the rupee symbol) are the copyright of its creator – Mr. Mewool Patel, and the reproduction or use of these on any media (print or digital) without permission is strictly prohibited.

2) All images are scaled to fit and may not reflect the actual size

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lets spread the love !

here are the some other symbol links i found on net for ur reference, if u find any other symbol on net kindly let me know so i add the link here

























Design contest notice of  Govt. of India , economic affairs


Design competition and process for Russian rouble….




76 Responses to “_____________www.mewool.com__________________”

  1. cranialrumblings said

    I like it!
    Nice work.

  2. mewool said

    hello friends,

    it is so strange that Govt. of India is not sure when the result will be announced.

    if anyone have any kind of knowledge abt result of the competition kindly share it here so we all know.



  3. Samir said

    Hi Mehul,
    It seems you have put significant effort in designing the symbol.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. chaitanyak said

    nice! i like this one a lot

  5. How exactly does youre symbol depict Indian History and Culture.

  6. sagar said

    nice symbol , do you know the result date ?

    • mewool said

      hi sagar, no i do not know the result date, but i know that one person had called currency department, and they told that they received lots and lots of entries, so can not tell when the result is !!!!!, reallly strage ……my be it takes 10 years !!! he he he

  7. monukidu said

    i was wondering how you would have given a technical drawing (rendering) for the above. because i was of the feeling that a symbol is a simplified graphic which could be translated from measurements and specs given. also i have seen couple of other concepts similar to yours. anyway, i feel it would be a tough decision the jury

    good luck to you… and hope your effort would have its results… :))

  8. franklin said

    looks good….

  9. Anil Khatri said

    I saw you New Rupee Logo but did you follow the guide line provided by Indian Currency Department i hope so you did it by going to http://finmin.nic.in/the_ministry/dept_eco_affairs/currency_coinage/Comp_Design.pdf

    They clearly mentioned that we need to submit a logo which could be created by using KEYBOARD (unicode)

    If you did it then i think you have chance to win otherwise department will not consider your Entry because creating new Coding for symbol is not possible.

    Good luck …

    • mewool said

      hi anil

      this is the hardest part i can not understand, as i am not much tech savy, do u mean the new symbol must be created by present keybord? if it is then where is cretivity ? its just a selection and not creation….!

      anil please can u explain us in detail plss

  10. Mr.R said

    @Anil: but i see, they haven’t meant ‘UNICODE’.

    CHECK: “5. The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard.”

  11. Vaishali said

    Hi Sir
    Your symbol looks nice, its simple and pleasing to the eye. You have done a lot of research for creating this.

    Good luck to you sir.

  12. Dhananjayg said

    Hi Mewool…. ur symbol is quite elegant ….. and the combination of I and R is visually appealing too… but some concerns worry me like …. as per the competition guidelines should the symbol must have been in the Indian script .. and did u test whether ur symbol is easy to write down in a hurry with minimum strokes….best luck

    • mewool said

      hi Dhananjay.

      thank you for ur commnets, as u stated that symbol must be in indian national script as stated in govt. notice like

      “The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard.
      The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation”

      but the govt. notice is real confusing and have not sufficient information for such a big task.

      so first i was not planning to participate in competition but then i worked for symbol keeping in mind only one thing “something is better than nothing” and i worked for it


  13. araYan said

    hey, thanks for giving me the link to ur page.
    though, i’d found this site a few days back 🙂

    i must admit, u do seem to have put in effort…

    my only grievance is with it getting stereotyped with a lot of other symbols that resemble the ‘R’…even so, all the best!

  14. Seems you tried, focused and worked on it 🙂 More realistic then others I’ve seen. Cheers to you 🙂

  15. […] Mewool at https://mewool.wordpress.com says he put in 30 days into his design: showing my 30 days of research and work for Indian rupee symbol here, this symbol looks simple but i did lots of research and brain stormed for more than 200 symbols and finally i come to this decision […]

    • mewool said

      hi currency-x

      thank you for ur valuable comments and for starting a new blog with all the symbol designs at one place, thanks again for placing my symbol on ur blog

      hope u get lots and lots of symbols on ur blog



  16. Rengaraj said

    Good work.
    resonable fit for currency symbol.
    when the result of this contest?
    If u get any news let me know please.

    • mewool said

      hi rangaraj,


      as no one knows the result dates, we all pray that govt. will take this matter serious after the election, and atleast see all the designs with 500/- Rp draft.

      jai ho !

  17. Neha Goyal said

    Here is the symbol that I worked on and submitted:


    After that I started drawing symbols based on my keywords and ideas.
    I think that symbol works on a number of levels. First of all it uses the Hindi ‘Ra’ and combines it with English ‘S’. So in essence it spells Rupees with a full stop in the end. The full stop can also be perceived as a bindi, zero or even earth, which have a lot of philosophical meaning behind it.

    Now if you look at the bottom, it looks like an elephant’s trunk. The S also looks like a snake. The half moon is reminiscent of Taj Mahal’s top crescent. If you rotate the symbol anticlock wise, it almost looks like Gandhi ji’s Charkha or even a Saraswati Veena. It is also reminiscent of the top part of the Om. The symbol could very well resemble a musical note. The S in the symbol is almost an open paisley shape. Lastly, I feel the symbol also looks like a mother holding her child securely and lovingly, which represents a strong family.

    I believe that the symbol is flowy and organic like the Devnagari script and also many Indian designs/ fonts etc. In true essence, I believe that symbol is representative of India.

    • mewool said

      hi neha,

      wonderful concept, seems u did lots of effort, i like the way u describe it too.
      but i want to know that “did u submited ur symbols graphical construction” measurements of curves and sizes in symbol ? because ur symbols is just like a handwritten concept, so i am wondering how u did graphical construction. we would be more pleasant if u submit ur symbol with graphical construction

      good luck




  18. jon the postman said

    Neat design. At least you tried to keep it simple.

    Just a couple of notes:
    1) When your symbol is viewed at the smallest size, the two vertical lines seem blurry and almost merge into one.
    2) Your symbol is very similar to the 4th comment posted on this page:

  19. Yogi said

    Wow.. great attempt

    IR makes sense for indian rupess

  20. Deepa said

    That’s quite the best design so far. Put it up, and I am going to vote for it.

  21. […] India is looking for a symbol to represent Rupee My simplest yet worthy “peace of art” for Indian Rupee Symbol <<<>>> M… here is one of the dudes who is apparently interested in designing the logo. the problem is that […]

  22. Neha said

    Good work.. I liked it..

    • mewool said

      thank you neha,

      i am putting link on my blog of all the symbols design available on net.

      if u found some designs other than i posted on my blog , kindly let me know so i can add that link so everyone can see all the design at one place

      thank you neha



  23. Smaran said

    I like how the symbol resembles both the ‘R’ in Devanagari and the Latin script, the scripts of our two national languages. 🙂

    • mewool said

      hi simaran,

      thanks for ur opinion,

      if u found some designs other than i posted on my blog , kindly let me know so i can add that link so everyone can see all the design at one place



  24. sm said

    hi mehul
    good effort,best luck

    • mewool said

      thanks sm

      all valuable comments of all u friends makes me feel so happy.

      keep posting.

      hi simaran,

      thanks for ur opinion,

      if u found some designs other than i posted on my blog , kindly let me know so i can add that link so everyone can see all the design at one place



    • mewool said

      hi sm

      all valuable comments of all u friends makes me more and more feel happy.

      keep posting

      if u found some designs other than i posted on my blog , kindly let me know so i can add that link so everyone can see all the design at one place



  25. Good effort. I’ve not gone through the other symbols as yet, however your seems like a genuine winner already 🙂

  26. hellow friends,

    if anyone have any kind of knowledge abt result of the completion, kindly let us know.


  27. jon the postman said

    Hi Mewool,
    It’s nice to see that my presentation has influenced someone.

    Well done 😉

    By the way, it’s ‘Piece of Art’ and not ‘Peace of Art’.

    • hi jon,

      yes that copyright line i liked very much, and i did.

      and thank you for suggesting the spelling mistake, at first site it looks like spell mistake but i write it intentionally “peace of art”.

      The meaning is..

      “PEACE of ART is dedicated to the peace
      keepers and peace achievers around the world, and those who had the courage to place themselves on the line for the betterment of humanity”



  28. Nand said

    Good one Mewool. One objection to it though – why should we call it Indian Rupee. As far as we are concerned, Rupee should be understood as Indian by default and it is the Sri Lankans etc. who should have to specify Sri Lankan Rupee etc.

    Prefer the capital R with intersecting tongs.

    Appreciate your efforts.

    • hi nand,

      thank you for ur feedback.

      as there are lots of people around the word do not know what is “rupee”, so it is necessary to put Indian with rupee, and that is why normally on international markets it also writes like Indian rupees (INR) and not just (R).

      hope that helps


  29. satya said


    Oh man, what a coincidence! This is exactly what I sent along with two other concepts. Two of my concepts were based on the capital “R” whereas third one was based on Hindi letter “Ru”.

    If you want to have a look at my entries, you can mail me at:

    Graphic Designer
    National Institute of Design
    Ahmedabad, India

    • hi satya,

      good, and thanks for sharing

      actually there had received thousands of designs , so chances are lots to coincidence same designs.
      I am damm sure as ur from NID , u must have done wonderful job.
      i would appreciate if u give me link to ur page so i can add it to my blog so every one can see it.
      and if u do not want that, u can send me to my email mr_mewool@yahoo.com along with concept and graphical construction so i can have a look.

      as per my knowledge and i come to people in touch on net. there would have more than 10 design of exactly our kind.

      lets hope for the best,

      good luck

  30. મુકુલ જાની said

    અભિનંદન! ખરેખર ખૂબજ સુંદર અને આકર્ષક લોગો બન્યો છે અને મને ખાતરી છે કે જો ભારત સરકાર દ્વારા પસંદ કરવામાં આવશે તો વૈશ્વિક અર્થવ્યવસ્થામાં આ લોગો ખૂબજ મહત્વનું સ્થાન ભોગવશે….શુભેચ્છા સહ….

    • hey mukul,

      its nice to hear ur voice in local language, ur comments really giving strength to me.

      i keep ur name in my mind.

      thank you very much

      mewool patel

  31. i read on some blog about result and selection process that result will be declared on 15th April 2011, and auditing will take 6 month.

    But i strongly doubts that this information is not posted by reliable sources. and may be someone posted just for fun.

    this is just possibility, i do not know what exactly abt it, but if it is correct, Govt. of India would have posted this news on its website for public.



    • gs said

      I was also doubtful abt this information but i have confirmed with finance ministry (phone Nos given on website). They told me dates are not confirmed yet, but the selection process may take 1-2 years. They told me that this process may take some more time because the election process is going throughout the India and concerned officers are busy in election duty. I contacted them on phone and the concerned person Mr. choudhari told me that there are so many entries and before selection process start auditing of each entry might take more time. I asked them about the government changes happens in this election what will happen to process. They did not deny about cancellation of this process. (what a hipocratic nation)


  32. WOW!…..amazin….my design is a little different

    • hey pritash,

      thank you very much for ur comments

      i would like to see ur design too , if it is possible post link here or send me to my email



  33. Ajay Khalpada said

    Hi! Mehool Hirpara,

    I am ajay
    your design is something diffrent & it shows your business mind
    I hope your design would be select
    Ajay (sheth builders)

  34. Dear Mewool,

    This is a decent symbol but my friend you really missed the keyboard part. It has to be in unicode and this is my friend Not 😦

    Still all the best buddy ! By the way I have also submitted a symbol which I feel is very much apt but we have to keep our fingers crossed till June 2011 as updated by the finance ministry.

    Best regards,
    Tushar Thakker

  35. jayesh savalia said

    hello sir this is jayesh savalia

    hay your symbol of indian rupees is so so so so so good
    i like very much nd ya onething is that i proud on u for great job dude

    nd ya i hope that u will be winner of this contest

    God bless you

  36. Arnab said

    I did some work…

    Symbol For Rupee: My Take

  37. Ojasvi said

    Simple. Could work.
    Here’s my take :

  38. Rupee symbol designs

    Proposed Rupee Symbol

  39. kaka said

    damn hot design. simple and perfect. now our currency will be recognized in the forex market. i have seen many designs of rupee. this one simply is unbeatable, hands down. alas the government will steal Mr Patel’s design.
    i hope he gets the reward.

  40. Mehul Patel said

    I am having almost same name but written differently than “Mewool”. Symbole is really a nice piece of creativity. I liked the simplicity. Hope for the best.

  41. vbhai said

    Hey Mehul, this is amazing design and reflect Indian art. It also represent Sanskrit script. Keep it up !!

    If you are Mehul Hirapara and recongise my name, please do right an email.


    • hey dear, i am so much excited and happy knowing that u u takes so much interest in all this matters, after all u reached me, yes i am exactly what u think, vajubapa, i shall send u mail and we shall talk on phone soon, hope u r still connected with essar or better one ! catch u soon !

      thank you very much for ur comments , that gave me so much strength !


  42. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  43. Great site…keep up the good work.

  44. NITYA said



  45. Sandeep Nair said

    All of you dont get the crux of the situation. A currency symbol has to be so easy to pencil it in daily life. All major currency symbols are simple letters with a stroke either in the centre or across to differentiate it from english alphabets.

    I think capital R will do just fine.Mewool patel has done a fine job here and he just has to remove that extra line making it complicated to mirror it in daily life.

  46. aakash said

    Lot of hope was built around the symbol of mewool but unfortunately it does not figure in top 5 designs released by finance ministry.Creativity lost to co…..
    There is absolutely no trasparency in the complete aspects of competition.

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